Research Support
Zenerji wants to establish a long-term program of research and development leading to the transformation of Las Alturas into a sustainable community while demonstrating methods and techniques applicable elsewhere in the world.

Our thought is to support a multi-disciplinary postgraduate program studying and working at Las Alturas. We will provide:
  • Transportation to and from Las Alturas
  • Accommodation and board at the facility
  • Modest stipends to researchers.
In addition, we have a budget to pay for the implementation of solutions designed by researchers. We would like to install alternative energy systems, agricultural methods, and waste disposal programs designed by researchers. We also wish to test innovative building methods and economic programs proposed as a result of research conducted at Las Alturas.

We anticipate that the researchers will publish their results. It is our hope that the results of research we sponsor will be instrumental in assisting in the creation of other sustainable communities.