Proyecto de Conservación de Aguas y Tierras - ProCAT Internacional

Proyecto de Conservación de Aguas y Tierras - ProCAT Internacional
ProCAT is a nonprofit-nongovernmental organization dedicated to the research and conservation of cultural and ecological-natural richness of the tropical countries, focusing on critical and important areas for humanity (i.e. Biosphere Reserves, World Natural Heritage Sites among others). The goal of the project is to provide an information system which can be used in long-term conservation planning, both geographically and culturally, and to promote a better management and use of natural resources having as central idea the mutual respect of local communities and nature.

Our work has been related with the generation of information about biodiversity, focusing on mammals, reptiles and other key species both terrestrial and aquatic. Currently, we have developed projects mainly in Costa Rica and Colombia, but we have also worked in Mexico, Panama and other countries, and right now we are setting a research platform involving regional planning on a multi-country basis, with pilot projects such as Mesoamerican Pumas and Oncillas from Costa Rica throughout Brazil. The organization is currently legally established in the US as 501(c) non-profit organization and in Colombia as a Foundation.

Our team includes several scientists from Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, US, Peru and Chile, all of them with experience in different fields but mainly with the clear goal and objective of protecting our tropical richness. Also, joint efforts and inter-institutional relationships have been created in order to generate the highest quality research. Our partnerships includes more than 15 organizations, where specifically we have developed strong relationships for Las Alturas Station with international organizations such as: Wildlife Conservation Society, CATIE; MINAET, University of Idaho, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, Friends of the Osa, Universidad Latina de Costa Rica among some others who support our permanent work at the farm. Also, local relationships have been strongly established where local technical schools develop their professional practice within the farm activities, where currently more than 25 kids have worked at the farm under our supervision. Also, more than 7 dissertations have been or were developed on the farm ranging from bees to jaguars and hunting, and from undergrad to Masters more than 5 internships and 2 volunteers where ProCAT staff have been supervisors, advisors and students themselves.

Contact/Contacto ProCAT
For those interested in conducting research at Las Alturas, please contact ProCAT using one of the following available methods.

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Mailing Address/Dirección de envio:
Carrera 13 No. 96-82
Oficina 205.
Bogotá, Colombia.

(+ 57 1) 523 39 32

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